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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wonder Woman of the Week and other flashbacks

My third trip to Emerald City Comicon was the best one yet.  In addition to bringing a few more friends along, I always look forward to seeing artists and cosplayers I have become familiar with and who have become favorites.  These three creative minds have already been featured here, but are too  great not to revisit. 
Liana Hee
This week's WWoW comes from one of my absolute favorite artists, Liana Hee.  I believe I have described her in the past as supremely talented, and I stand by that statement.
She is currently a designer for Nickelodeon Animation Studio! She was also recently featured at the Disney WonderGround Gallery as the Artist in Residence doing live paintings for what I must assume was an adoring audience.  Because I have commissioned her twice in the past, I was looking forward to a second in my Wonder Woman series.  Thankfully, she was on board; and I now have a Can-Can Wonder Woman to accompany my Flapper Wonder Woman from 2013. 
(Also, it was fitting, since our group caught a show at the Can-Can Cabaret at Pike's Place Market in Seattle.  I highly recommend that any trip to Seattle should include a show there.)
As always, the amount of detail in Liana's work is amazing and her work has so much life and energy. 

No one make any sudden noises ...

Catch our original post here.  And check out her blog and (for you superfans) her 365 day photo project.

Livio Ramondelli
If you're a fan of Transformers, you'll love Livio Ramondelli.  If you're a fan of Star Wars, you'll love Livio Ramondelli.  If you're a fan of laser guns, explosions and probably robots, you'll love IDW artist Livio Ramondelli.
Almost makes you wanna root for the villain!
If his work looks familiar, it may be because he has drawn for such comic titles as Transformers, G.I. Joe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars.  He has provided art and Design for Google, Hasbro and Upper Deck as well.   I made sure to find time to hit his table alongside, my buddy Scott - the perpetual kid who never grew up.  His transformers collection fills a pretty massive assortment of shelves and closets in his house.  I saved the trip to Livio's table as a day three reveal at ECCC.  He did not disappoint.  What I have come to love most about his art is that he captures an entire story in one moment.   I assure you, that's no exaggeration. 

Check our first spotlight here.  And have a look at Livio's homepage and deviantart page. 

 Ani-Mia was one of the first well-known cosplayers we featured on the blog. (here) She makes made it quite easy, actually.  She is genuinely funny and approachable and there's a cheeky, very unapologetic sexiness to her cosplay.

I hate lanyards!

Really hate lanyards.
She has been featured in every cosplay and geek culture website and magazine we can think of.  She is always full of love and fan service on her Facebook page, and even with all the travel, she still finds time to fit charity work in with her cosplay with groups such as Comic Book Characters for Causes.  She is also a lovely model of non-geeky things too.

She'll be at Awesomecon next, (mark your calendars!) right in my own backyard. Woohoo! No jet lag necessary.  Check her tumblr for more of her thoughts and deviantart for more images.
Aaaand gratuitous Princess Leia in ...






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