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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Artists: Liana Hee

This was the second year in a row seeing the lovely and talented Liana Hee at ECCC.  Last year, I was with friends and we were all just pulled in by her watercolors of mermaids, flappers, playful geishas ... things I might ordinarily have categorized as "Crap your girlfriend might like."  Except, we, the trio of guys kept circling her booth over and over because the art was just so damned gorgeous.
"Shit, I kinda want a mermaid, dude."
"Well if we each get one and bring them into the office, no one can make fun of us."



She's lent her talents to online games such as Mermaid World and Crowdstar's It Girl.  Her art reminds me that one of the things I love most about Comic-Con and the Artists Alley in particular is the fact that many artists whose work doesn't fit in the shoebox of conventional comic art find an audience at conventions just the same.  Not to mention the fact that when she does tackle geek culture icons, the results ... well, speak for themselves.
So, last year we did scoop up some art and I got a commission of my (still nameless) original karaoke girl character.
I regret nothing!
This year, I was excited to show off Liana's work to Rosa, thereby ensuring that she would spend the money on art this time and not me.  Then I commissioned this flapper Wonder Woman!
See you next year, Liana.

Check out her blog, which is updated with new art regularly.


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