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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Costumes: Ani-Mia at Emerald City ComicCon

Day 1: "Ready?  OK!"
"Give me an S! ... What's that spell...?"
It's been a weird year for cosplayers so far. A lot of I think pretty healthy and needed (though sometimes not always friendly), debate about the roles, motivations and misconceptions of being a cosplayer, particularly at conventions.
For my money, whether a newb, amateur or semiprofessional, I think cosplayers of all types play a fantastic role in both geek culture and convention culture.  What's not to love about someone who is the living embodiment of a character we have grown to love? 
I first started paying attention to serious cosplayers after Baltimore's con. Once you meet and start to follow cosplayers at conventions, a strange domino effect begins, where you end up a fan of another cosplayer and another and another. It's a supportive and friendly community and these ladies and dudes cross promote all the time. And that's how you start to see just how big the community is. Somewhere along the line, I became aware of Ani-Mia.
Gundam style!

About thirty minutes into my trip to Seattle for the Emerald City Con, I got a text from Manny, "Dude, Ani-Mia is going to be there!"
Then he sent an additional 200 messages cursing my name for being there while he was not.
That's fair.
Ani-Mia is self described as a "little ball of energy that loves to make people laugh & dresses in sexy cosplay."  She is exactly that, but also very smart, gracious and friendly, particularly to guys like me who came back with a camera every day to get a pic of her in a new costume.  (She signed an autograph to an adoring Manny)
I'm a huge fan of hers also because her costumes are generally very accurate and painstakingly made.  Even when she takes creative liberties, the result is pretty stunning.  Now why the heck hasn't she done a Wonder Woman yet?
Rogue is way more dangerous without sleeves or pants!
That is a comics fact!

If you want to learn more, catch her Devaintart Gallery, her interview at Nerdreactor.  And also check out her shop for posters and goodies to help fund her convention trips.  Who knows, that might just bring her to your neck of the woods. 

Day 2: Silk Spectre
Day 3: Rydia wants you to visit our blog.

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