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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Costumes: Star Warsing

Despite any of my other nerdy enthusiasms, It always comes back to Star Wars for me. 
I encountered a lot of Star Wars fans showing their love at the Emerald City Con.  What I enjoy about the SW crowd is the sheer creativity they put into it.  And, to be fair, especially for the women, creativity is a must for a SW fan.  There's not a lot of female characters to draw from, at least in the original trilogy.  In the prequels and EU, there are elaborate Amidala costumes and some Jedi/Sith that can turn some heads, but for those who grew up with Princess Leia, the options are as follows: 1. Any number of elaborate, unflattering white bedsheet dresses.  2. Bikini.

I'm not complaining.  Just observing.

That's why it was nice to see female fans take matters into their own hands (or the hands of talented Etsy vendors).   Below are some of the themed dresses and outfits I saw on the floor. 

X-wing and Darth as hair accessories!? 
Girls get all the fun.

Love the dress.  Guys? ladies?
Does anyone NOT want to marry this woman?
find the dress HERE
Something, something
"The droids you're looking for."
And then sometimes, someone brings
a costume that makes you feel ashamed
that you never though to do it yourself.
And then, maybe someone says, "You know,
this is how that character SHOULD haver looked!"

Of course, there were also some great character accurate costumes out there.  You won't be seeing me in that crowd.  There's not a lot of demand for a dark-haried Porkins.

And no one ever dared to dress as Obi-Wan. Ever again.

Would you expect anything less from Han Solo?
And lastly, a question.  have you, even on your best day, been as badass as a bagpipe-playing Darth Maul on stilts?   The answer, understandably, is no.

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