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Friday, April 11, 2014

Artists: Sho Murase made my brain explode

Walking around the artists alleys of various comicons is one of my favorite things to do.  Not just at the conventions, but really one of my favorite things to do of all time.  Seeing talented artists working in every medium and seeing what they can do with respect to beloved characters as well as their own original work - it's always impressive. 
And then. 
Sometimes you meet an artist whose work makes you say "What thafuuuuuu..."
Sho Murase is one of those artists. 
She has done a large number of covers for the Nancy Drew graphic novel series. several pin up books including her Harajuku Girls and Heroines, covers for Marvel, IDW and Image, and of course, her own original work.  Her full-color, more conventional art (if you can even call it conventional) is beautiful, with angles and perspectives that are uniquely hers.  And eye contact that you can feel coming off the screen or paper.

Yeah.  Got your attention now, huh?
Vader just became the second most intimidating character in Star Wars.

Those are, of course, amazing enough.  But what made my head explode was her series of silhouette-color-gradient-elongated-figures- ... I don't even have a word for it. 
I want this art on my wall, and I don't even LIKE Poison Ivy.

Like a beautiful sunset.  A ... sexy sunset? 
Is there such a thing?

It's like a tradition that we seem to find the best artists at the last possible moment on the last day of conventions.  So of course, that's when we found her.  Our buddy Scott was furious/elated to find and buy an awesome Phoenix piece.  As for Rosa and me, since Sho has no Wonder Woman, we decided on one of her uniquely gorgeous images. This one below.  There was also one of her coffee table art books there, which we did not get. 
I regret that. 
Next time!

I wish my cats could do this.

Check out her homepage and Facebook
Even more of her thoughts, updates and artwork can be found on her blog. Which, if you're at work while reading it, I guarantee you'll get nothing done. 

Back to the blog.

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