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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Costumes: Switching it up

S'now way this princess doesn't hit the gym.  haha!  (sorry)
One of the great things about cosplay I have witnessed in the past few years is that the small-but-unfortunately-loud group of people in the geek community judging and hating on other people's cosplay choices is being pushed aside and left behind.  The notion that one should only cosplay as characters that match one's gender, race or body type is finding fewer and fewer outlets and being taken less and less seriously.  In the meantime, I have personally seen a growth of creativity on the floors of pop-culture conventions like Comicon.  This seems especially true in the case of a character's gender.  At  ECCC there were male Captain Marvels, female Captain Tightpants, Lokis of indeterminate gender.  (so many Lokis...)

Some do so to be subversive and make a statement, others do so to be silly or to make others smile, some simply identify with a certain character and will be damned if they can't cosplay who they want.  But for just about everyone, it seems clear that the intent is also to have fun.  That's what I got out of it anyway.  Here's a small collection of the characters who made me smile. 

You do you, Leeloo

Maybe it's the facial hair, but this Jubilee seems
less annoying than usual.
Thor wishes he had that hair!
Their costumes were shiny enough
to be visible from space.
These two wonder boys were a riot.

Franky, this Han Solo was the most accurate costume at the convention.
Leia ... well ... what else can you say.  It's just staring right back at ya.
All that majesty.
Yeah, well ... how good is her Cajun accent?!
I see the appeal of the Mal/Jayne power couple
There were several couples there.
She gets to be in charge.  He gets the cool hat!

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