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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Costumes: Emerald City Comicon Favorites

 There's still lots more to write about from Emerald City Comicon, but I've been sitting on this stack of cosplay long enough.  I admit there may have been some research involved, as well as texting of friends to figure out just who everyone was. Anyway, here's a look at our favorites from Seattle, including my personal Top 5.
Black and white
Beetlejuice.  Better than Robin Thicke any day.  And way less creepy.
Black Cat.  Under-represented in Spidey movies.
Someone should remedy this.
I never want to like Zatanna, but she's just
so damned likable!
Bright, Bold and Awesome
Just when I am totally sick of Poison Ivy ...
someone changes it up.
Oh Speed, I have made you look quite derpy. 
But that scarf is effing sweet!
Tank Girl being Tank Girl
This is more or less exactly how I pictured Oracle-era
Barbara Gordon
Livewire braves a fear a water to visit Seattle
'Evil-Lyn? I just thought your name was Evelyn."
Oh Robot Chicken quotes.
Also, this woman is awesome.
Where does he keep his Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator?
 Scared to ask, huh?
Cosplaying Aquaman requires bravery
(That's a lot of orange)
Carrying a trident around all day requires commitment!
A quite detailed Pixie. 

A fantastic Jubilee, complete with ... whatever her power is.
ECCC was definitely the convention for me to love cosplay of characters
that I previously despised. 
A bespectacled Magik and a Thousand-yard-stare Psylocke

Can you ever have too much Psylocke?

The ultimate crossover. 
Batman is gonna be piiiiissed!
X-23, ready to eviscerate purse snatchers.
A ferocious Wolfsbane and a very serious M.

Pairs, Groups and Face-offs

What?!  No Jager?! Come on guys, do it right!
Witchblade, Phoenix and ... umm... I am not sure.

 As with Psylocke, Spidey and the 47 different kinds of Wolverine and Catwoman, it's always interesting to see which version of a character one choses to cosplay.
Before: Ms. Marvel
After: Captain Marvel

 Raven and Robin.  Please notice the device I will
be bringing to next year's Con, a big flag
to wave in the air, so we all stop losing each
other on the floor.
Also Raven. 
Up to no good, based on her expression.
 ... meet actual Loki ...
Actual Thor ...

Storm Shadow and a very committed Destro.  Not just to getting the face right,
but to giving us maximum pimp chest.
There were several great Miyazaki-based characters.  I only managed to capture two.
A quite friendly looking Princess Mononoke
An adventurous Nausicaa.
My Top 5 Favorite Costumes of ECCC14

#5 This Pam Poovey was not an elaborate
costume.  But it is damn perfect.
#4 More hardcore than balancing a book for posture,
the Eye of Sauron!

#3 Steampunk Mario Brothers
Not only is every detail - from mustaches to hats, to weapons - a cleverly
re-imagined reference, I really wish this was an actual video game.
#2 That guy sitting in the corner doesn't seem ready for the sheer baddassery
happening right in front of him.  Clearly, Hawkman did not take a Mini to get to the Con.

All the cute!  Ever!  This little Diva from The Fifth Element is so perfect, she
made me forget all the overexposed Leeloos running around (and sadly no Ruby Rods!)
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