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Monday, April 28, 2014

Awesome Con is Awesome!

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Right on the heels of our return from Emerald City Comic-Con, Awesome-Con DC popped up.  Shamefully, we missed their inaugural year in 2013, but we weren't about to miss this year.  In a short time, Awesome-Con has already made a huge name for itself as a pop-culture convention that spills over with an energy and excitement on the floor - gathering love from all corners of the geek community: artists and crafters, cosplayers, vendors and especially activists.  At least half a dozen booths were dedicated to some of the most important issues in the geek community and the people we spoke to were friendly, passionate and informative.  In other words, Awesome. 
I wonder if I'll have to change the name of the blog now ...
Ani-Mia, didn't we just see you in Seattle?
Everyone getting along!  Very un-Joss.
Rod Hannah and Leanne Hanna, the massively friendly creative team behind the
webcomic Blue Milk Special.  How we we love them so!
Huntress and Black Lantern Wonder Woman.
Somehow those smiles make them scarier, like
they know something you don't.

Everybody loves a happy ending.  Kaylee and Simon from Serenity.
A (very) Red Sonja
Arkham City Robin.  Check the guns!
Picture-perfect Rogue.
This dude looks ... shredded. Heehee.
OK, I need to research my Ninja Turtles characters ...
This explains the rain on my drive home.

Jason and I met some of the minds behind Femmes in the Fridge.
Check the link and get involved with this inclusive and
intelligent pack of geeks.

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  1. Hey, I'm the one who cosplayed Kaylee in your photo! I was wondering if you have any other pictures of us? Thanks!