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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Artists: Have you been to the Octopus Tree House?

I have a lot of T-shirts.  A lot. 
At first I think I had good intentions. Plan: Get rid of all my dumb, boring T-shirts with designs and emblems that have no meaning to me and replace them with T-shirts of things I do care about.  This philosophy seemed the bright shiny path to more drawer space.  Except. 
Except that it meant when I go to see bands I care about, I feel like I should buy a T-shirt.  And when supporting my Boston sports teams ... I need the T-shirt.  Go to my favorite bar?  Support local business!  Get the T-shirt! See something geeky on  Shirtoid or Redbubble?  ... I quietly curse my wife for showing me the link and then buy the T-shirt.  So, now I have possibly more T-shirts than there are days in the year.  I have more T-shirts than the number of times I say T-shirt in this post.  T-shirt!
So when I go to Comic-Con, the one thing I actually will not be buying is a damn T-shirt.  To Hell with you, vendors and artists! 
Nothing tested me more than the artist table occupied by Paul Petyo and Jessica Weiss: the artists behind The Octopus Tree House.

"Oooh.  What's this?  A Star Wars T-shirt?  With the Sarlacc Pit as an buffet restaurant?!"
Those may have been my exact words when I saw this powder blue awesomeness at Baltimore's convention.  But I stuck to my guns and said "Heck no, Octopus Tree House and your clever, children's TV show sounding name!"  and walked away from their booth without buying anything.  Yeah!
Y'know, except these awesome Star Wars themed party stickers.

How could I not?  Look at them.  Better yet, follow this link.  Each sticker is full of clever references and inside jokery (The little Emperor with the Red Guard waterwings, Death Star beach ball and force lighting swimsuit?  Come on!  That's adorably over the top.)  I'm only human.  And keeping that in mind, Rosa and I saw them again at their Annapolis Comic-Con booth.  The details of the encounter are a bit fuzzy, but somehow I ended up with the Sarlacc T-shirt in my dresser.  And this one is next!

Have a look at more on Facebook.  or their Etsy
And never trust these faces!


  1. It would be so damn awesome if they made shirts available in larger sizes. Not all of us are human growth hormone deficient...

  2. Manny, you played a giant in the High School play!