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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Did ya Blink? Bordin Marsinkul made our Wonder Woman of the Week.

   Our Wonder Woman of the Week comes from speed artist Bordin Marsinkul, AKA Hyperbooster
   In addition to having a pretty cool name, he's also got some serious talent.   Born in San Francisco and raised in Thailand, he's the mind behind Hyperbooster Studio, where he combines his love for manga-style artwork with a passion for brushstrokes and calligraphy.  He is a busy man, doing as many as four conventions a month.  In 2009 he created his own convention: Hyper-Con, an Anime, Video Game & Pop Culture Convention in the San Mateo, Calif. area.  
   We met him at Emerald City Comicon where he did commissions for myself, our guy Scott and a couple bazillion other people.  His signature style for commissions at conventions is a "while-you-wait," speed demon flash of pencils, pens, and even white-out.  The result is layered, almost three-dimensional and a shit-ton of fun to watch. 

Elapsed time: something like 11 seconds.  At least, it felt that fast.

Check out his website, Hyperbooster Studios. And Hyperboosters' Facebook.
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