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Thursday, May 1, 2014

AwesomeCon: Artist Tracie Ching

   At Awesome-Con we ran into one of our favorite artists, whom we had previously met at Baltimore ComicCon 2013.  Tracie Ching is a self-taught graphic designer in Washington, D.C.  She is the Lead Designer and Creative Director for the premier ultimate Frisbee apparel company, VC Ultimate.  Additionally, she has produced licensed posters for some small-time, no-name properties such as Star Trek, AMC’s The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, and my personal favorite, Community.  Her limited edition silk screen prints of alternative movie posters are also massive fan-favorites.
     Jason and I must have spent a half hour, excitedly pointing out what movies she had posters of at her booth,  you know in case she forgot!
   Looking at her portfolio, it's no wonder some of the most massive franchises in geek culture seek her out.  There's a brilliant quality to her vector work, where she combines the precision necessary to make photo-real images with a clear style and vision to make the pieces all her own.
Plus, her art epitomizes one of the things I tell people about geek and pop-culture conventions like Awesome-Con, even if you're not a comics, sci-fi or fantasy person, there is something for you.  Tracie's vision is not restricted to the self-imposed walls of geek culture.  She's got something for sports fans, classic book fans and if you're a fan of Scorsese films, you reeeeaaally want to check out her website. 
   Also she is incredibly nice.  Which, when combined with talent is dangerous to my wallet.

Reasons I love my wife, #238:
She bought me a pile of Tracie Ching's stickers
Not quite this big, but still.
From Tracie's "Scorsese's Saints" series
A sneak peek at this year's Christmas present to my brother.

Visit her website (and buy everything!)  And like her on the Facebooks.

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