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Thursday, May 15, 2014

AwesomeCon Artist: Victor Dandridge

Jason and I met Victor Dandridge at AwesomeCon DC.  That massive backdrop of characters behind him is part of his 8-bit challenge.  A virtuoso in creating 8-bit images of geek and pop-culture characters, which he often does in sets, (all the better for collecting!) Victor offers a challenge to see if you can guess 10 of them; if successful, you win a prize.  The evil of the challenge is that while we were talking, I was pretty sure I had 30 of them figured out easy.  Once the challenge began, I was lucky to get 10.  But I did, and I got an Old Man Wolverine 8-bit image in exchange for my scrambled brain.  Fair trade. 
This, like much of his art, leaves me longing for a Nintendo game that was never made ...
Victor is more than just a creator of clever 8-bit images.   The Columbus, Ohio artist writes, vlogs and provides support and recognition for fellow creators in the geek community.  He is the face behind Vantage:Inhouse Productions, where he creates properties for readers of all ages and tastes and is an innovate voice within the self-publishing market writing for titles such as Origins Unknown and The Samaritan - and most recently is working on the already amazing-looking Jim Henson-inspired Kinder Guardians.

Head here to take a look at some of his 8-bit style T-shirts.  Also, check out his Etsy page here.
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