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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Artist: Andrea Tamme

   Our Wonder Woman of the Week image comes from an Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) regular, Andrea Tamme (above).
   Bonus: Wonder Woman is featured alongside a bevvy of iconic DC ladies.
I love WW's pose and expression so much, I kind of wish there was a standalone of just her.

But where's Zatanna?
Ah, there she is.
   The image above was the last purchase I made at last year's ECCC.  I think it's become con tradition for me, that as soon as the "fifteen minutes to closing" announcement goes down, I realize that all my procrastination has caught up with me; and I make a mad dash to every artist and vendor I had told in previous days, "I'll come back." 
Such was the case at ECCC 2013.  Weaving in and out of rows like a lunatic, with an ever-shrinking amount of cash in my hand, I made it to Andrea Tamme's booth just in time.  I bought the poster, but immediately gave it to a good friend, who also happens to be a big DC fan.
 This year, however, I got the time to actually speak to Andrea, a Calgary-based artist, and check out more of what she brought to the convention. She does a lot of conventions - more than ten last year - both in the USA and Canada, alongside fellow Calgary artist Drake Tsui. (more on him here.)
   I love when I come across an artist who can tackle very different styles.  Even moreso, when I meet someone who can do them all with the same degree of skill.  And based on Andrea's portfolio, I'm not entirely sure what style she isn't good at.  The doe-eyed, flirty superhero women are fun, and I am always a fan.
But then, I look at pieces like her classical style "Mr. and Mrs. Lemongrab," which is beautifully surreal, and I am even more impressed.  Rosa and I grabbed a post card version of the painting - and of course, another "DC Ladies" poster-  and a handful of other pieces.  I'm hopeful that she will be back to Emerald City's con, or something closer to me.  I look forward to seeing a lot more of her work.


Here's her website, which links to all things Andrea Tamme.  http://www.andreatamme.com/
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