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Friday, May 23, 2014

Artist: Drake Tsui

From ECC 2013
    Earlier this week, we did a spotlight of Andrea Tamme.  Since we always catch them at the same shared booth, I thought why not spotlight Drake Tsui as well and celebrate both fantastic artists in the same week.  Blam!  Blowing minds all over the place!
    Also known by his screen name "Quirkilicious," Drake Tsui is a Calgary, Alberta-based freelance character illustrator and designer.   He specializes in 2D game art, and splash-art paintings and he is the author and artist of the post-apocalyptic manga "SIN."
Some of my favorites of his are the ensemble pieces he does.  I love when artists find ways to put a crapload of characters onto a page and still have it look amazing, or in Drake's case, more amazing because of the fact. 
Whether it's Doctor Who, Pokemon, Venture Bros., or in my case, the Community piece representing the Journey to the Center of Hawkethorne episode - made all the more bittersweet by the show's cancellation - the result is a fan's dream come true. 
So, while I go off into a corner to cry over no more Community episodes, check out some of our favorite images from Quirkilicious here, then stop by his Deviantart page.
Or his tumblr.

"The Court"
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