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Monday, June 2, 2014

Artists: Cuddles and Rage

One of the many cool artists we met at this year's AwesomeCon was this gentleman, Jimmy Reed, one half of Cuddles and Rage, a collection of comics, webcomics and doodles he and his wife, Liz Reed have been creating since 2010.
 Most of us have that strange silly voice in our heads.  The one that creates the most wonderfully god-awful puns, obscure references and clever images.  The ones that make us giggle to ourselves - Yes, I said giggle!  I certainly have those moments.  But they never come frequently enough for me to think to myself, "Man, I should make a webcomic about this!" Well, wherever that voice comes from, Cuddles and Rage have seemingly tapped right into the main source of it.
Using both drawn comics and effing adorable sculpted dioramas (I mean, look at how deceptively simple they seem), the married couple bring their animal and food-based residents of Cuddle City to life.  The charm is in how they switch from silly to clever to poignant and disturbing.
Interacting with their audience on their website is also a high priority for them, and offers a great deal of insight, both into their thought process and into how genuinely cool they seem to be.

"Making Babies"
Awww yeah!

"Skinny Dipping"
"Baby Tooth"
Both horrible and hilarious.
For a million more giggles (- yes, giggles!) check out their website.
And for equally funny tote bags, magnets, and prints, also visit their Etsy.
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