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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Costumes: NC Comic-Con Pt. 2

While we wrap up out latest edition of Friday Fights, here's a final look at the NC Comic-Con in Durham.  Thanks to Manny for the photos.
A pretty accurate, if slightly cooler version of
Frank Miller's Carrie Kelley, the first female
Robin.  Y'know, or a really cute Dennis the Menace.
We pick on Cyclops a lot here, but hey, cosplay
who you want to.  This guy's expression
seems to say, however  that he lost a bet

I'm convinced that all these Catwoman
and, in this case Black Cat costumes
are a clever way for cosplayers to
commit actual burglary.  (Look at that Gem!)
What kind of assassins eliminate the better
part of their peripheral vision?
Look out, Johnny Depp!
Instant cool: Just add bowtie!

"Everybody!  She's got the whole world .. in her hands!"
"Browser, I hardly know her ..."
That ... was all I had.

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