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Friday, September 21, 2012

Costumes: Battle Royale

Ha!  I told you Lady Thor was at Comic Con.  It's a shame she didn't meet up with the other female Avengers, but sometimes you gotta fly solo, I guess. 

Also, despite the sheer height of her opponent (not to mention those giant horns) our Thorina seems at least a match for the Lady Loki who was walking around Comic-Con all day.
Also also, since I am the king of good ideas, I say why wait for the matchup to come to us at all?!  Comic-Con officials, get on this train; costume contests are cool and all but with all that convention floor space, wouldn't it be more awesome to pit comic book enemies against each other in a fight to the death.  That would make winning those gift certificates all the sweeter.
I would feel bad, though for anyone dressed as the nemesis of Harley Quinn or Black Widow (do they have any?) or they would be killed instantly.

Also thanks goes out to Chi from London, who has allowed me to link his photos from the con.  They are far better than mine.  This is his FB.  This is his Flickr.  bask in awe.


  1. dude. thats me! (lady Thor)
    i like the picture :)