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Monday, September 17, 2012

Artists: Kevin Bolk

My apologies to Kevin Bolk for the thoroughly unflattering photo.

I love artists who add humor and playfulness to their work when they can.  It's the kind of work that covers our walls and adorns T-shirts.  And Kevin is no stranger to playfulness, whether it's through his Daddy/Daughter Ninja Day, or pop culture strips of everything from Star Trek to Mario and Luigi (called It Sucks To Be Weegie).

And if you watched The Avengers and own a computer, then it's probable that someone this summer shared the image below with you.  Along with the caption, "what if every character in the Avengers posed like Black Widow."

from http://kevinbolk.deviantart.com/
 I love the humor and the man has skill, but where i think he excels is at the Comic-Con staple of character cards.  His cards have his signature style, which is equal parts sexy (when applicable) true-to-character and cute as hell.  I mean check out that gallery.  There's something for any kind of fan.  There's Zuul from Ghostbusters, Dr. Whos (or is it Doctors Who?), Carmen SanDiego, the Land O'Lakes girl (that's right!) and Freddie Mercury to go along with the standard superheroes.  Rosa scooped up Miyazaki's Naussica and Totoro to go along with my sexy/cute Transformers.  No I am not kidding with my description!  Meet Megachan and Optomiss Prime (get it)

If you know me, this should be far less surprising than the fact that he has like six more transformers cards that I did NOT buy!  How's that for restraint?

I swear, I want to convince someone to wear these costumes and be this guy's booth models!

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