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Monday, September 24, 2012

Artists: Erica Hesse likes to draw the ladies

from her gallery

Erica Hesse is a bright, friendly and fiercely talented artist.  As you can read on her website, she is into creating pin-up, burlesque, roller derby, hot rod, and comic book related art, or, as I would call it, a list of everything Pete loves.  
She also has an original work called The Key.
Like a lot of artists, she does her take on both superheroes and modern pop culture, but what makes her unique is where she truly kicks ass: 50's and classic pinup style: from pulp girl, to tongue-in-cheek exploitation to vaguely Tiki.  

And If you're any kind of roller derby fan, then most likely you've seen this iconic image somewhere (everywhere):
 For the past few years, I have been getting commissions of an original character.  It helps when I'm at the booth of an artist I like and want to commission work from the artist, but can't seem to figure out what to get.  It's like *boom*, now I have a go-to character.  which helps solve that problem of stage fright that comes mmediately after asking, "Do you do commissions?"
"Do you have time to do one for me?"
"yep.  What would you like?"
"Ummmmmmmmm .... a ... thing ... with ... you know that ... Ummmmmmmmm..." *thwump*
"Were you holding your breath trying to think of something?"
"... "
 I am 100% pleased with the work she did.  There's something that really good female artists put into female characters ... it's a quality I can't quite put my finger on, but I definitely see it in her work.  To sum up: she's awesome.  Check her out. 

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