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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Costumes: Catwomen

As sure as there will be a Comic-Con, there will be Harley Quinn Catwoman costumes.  I've always been a Batman guy, second only to Wolverine (hey, what other comic character is a short angry guy supposed to think is cool?  Tell me.)  And what's Batman without Catwoman?   And because Catwoman has been around for SEVENTY TWO years, there's a lot of different Catwoman looks to go around.  It's always cool to see which ones get picked.  Though, it is never my favorite!  Original Catwoman.

This actually is one of my favorites.  Dark Knight Rises Catwoman. She's even got kind of an Anne Hathaway grin which i like.  The pop-up goggles are a cool touch.  I have to assume she didn't just buy those someplace.
I'm not 100% sure what's up with the soooorrrt of cat claws she's making there.  She could also very well be casting some sort of spell.  Which also draws attention to her summery short sleeve action going on.  Still, she's working it.

Catwoman number two.  This is the comic book Catwoman from the 2000s. (maybe a little Year One? [you see the exhausting research I do for you guys?])  I've seen a few of these costumes in the past and they all have one thing in common, leaving me with the question, "Do no stores sell big silver belt buckles like that, or does every would-be Selina Kyle have to make her own from cardboard and aluminum foil?"
Regardless, this is a well done costume, particularly the goggles.  Although I am not sure this Catwoman has an actual evil bone in her body.
... And there's that same cat claw hand. 

 I get the feeling that statuesque Catwoman #3 here would look the part in a black T-shirt and yoga pants.  Ears or no ears.  She didn't even need a mask, opting instead for stylish earrings.  A mostly modern costume with a little bit of 60s flair ... oh, and a whip. 

photo by Ma
Like Catwoman herself, this lady was elusive.  More accurately, she wasn't one to stand around, posing.  Like the rest of us, she had business at Comic-Con.  An agenda.  Something we forget when we see cosplayers walking around - they're looking to buy, meet people, and take pics of their own.   It's a shame because her Arkham City style style costume was really well made and she looked great in it.  Neither Manny or I got a photo during the costume contest, so we have to settle for this, though now I'm wondering what she was looking at.
I mean if it makes Catwoman stop and shoot ....


I have no problem with vegetarians and vegans.  I try not to get hung up on what other people eat or don't.  But if you want me to go vegan, I'm not sure Zorro-caped-Catwoman is the right spokesperson to send my way.  I have two cats.  They like meat.  And they are really judgmental about costumes.

Are ... you ...Catwoman ...?
Someone help me out here...

And I'm saving the best for last.  At least in my opinion.  Okay, so I don't remember any Catwoman who had streaks of pink in her hair, but I do remember the first Catwoman I ever saw. 
Julie Newmar. 
For me, before there was Princess Leia, there was Julie Newmar as Catwoman... okay, maybe at the same time there was Princess Leia ... either way.  I never knew what was so cool about the mid-60s mod gals, since I was watching Batman reruns in the mid 80s.   I just know that i wished Catwoman was the villain in every episode. 
Thanks for everything Julie Newmar. 
From eartips to boots, this Catwoman is a perfect homage.  Even when just sitting, waiting for the costume contest to start, she never breaks character.  (Just hearts.)  She might, in fact be Catwoman.  Did anyone think to check her bag for stolen jewelry?  or salmon?
A better look at the original.

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