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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Costumes: The Lady Avengers

Saving the world with smile power.
This trio of lady Avengers gets props for originality.  Lady Hulk, I see has picked modesty over green-tinted nudity, and Lady Stark has chosen designer shades over that unflattering helmet.  I mostly approve here.

Not pictured: female Thor (Thorina?) Although, I did see one wandering Comic-Con, and Hawkeye (He's pretty much a girl anyway).  I think these women definitely missed an opportunity to recruit some long-suffering friend-zone guy to be their cross gender Black Widow.  
"Please, Andrew?  You'd look soooo cute."
"well ...ok."
"And can you buy our tickets?"
"Um.  I guess so."
"Andrew can't find his red wig"

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