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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Artists: Keron Grant has swagger

Keron Grant is pretty badass.
I'm pretty sure he knows it.
He has a sketchbook for sale called Dope Book, or as he calls it "sketchbook of the year."  Who can blame him?  I'm always impressed with artists who have a confidence about their work.  And he deserves to.
Keron is a Jamaican-American artist who has done work with Marvel, but his superb watercolors and mixed media seem custom made for the iconic look of the DC superheroes. Check this gallery.  There's a lot to see.
 Cars, animals, and some amazing Transformers work, Grant's art conveys power in a detailed-yet-messy, beautiful and dynamic way. 
 My boy Manny has always been a Superman guy and indeed all Super-family have a place in his heart.  And as for me, I've been on a huge Wonder Woman kick lately, so when we hit this booth we sounded like 12-year-old girls at a Justin Bieber sighting.  While Keron Grant looked on in cucumber-cool silence, Manny scooped up a bunch of Superman and Supergirl art including these pieces.

While I grabbed this gorgeous (and unapologetically Kardashian-looking Wonder Woman)
His website.
His blog.

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