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Friday, September 12, 2014

Costumes: Dynamic Duos

Spoiler: This gallery contains absolutely zero photos of The Dynamic Duo (Batman and Robin).  But I'd like to think we make up for it with team ups, partnerships and "Come on! I'm not gonna dress up by myself!" moments.  So here we go, friends, couples, colleagues and people who just happened to be standing next to each other.

Steampunk cosplay is not dead, not when you
have Watchmen cosplay like this.

Great cosplay happens behind the booth, too.
Accessory designer Fenny (from LittleAsian Sweatshop)
and artist Paigey represent Cobra's finest.
Mary Poppins and Burt.  Damnit, thanks a lot for
planting a whole bunch of Disney songs in my head
juts from the sight of you!
Now this would be an interesting
Two lovely Bellossom Pokemon!
Also, ladies, I had to ask like 30 people to
figure out who you were!  I hope you're happy!
A fantastic Rogue and Gambiiiiiiit!
Silly, but awesome, Scooby and Shaggy.
This is a couple who gets each other.  
The cleverness and gory cuteness of
this freshly resurrected Pet Sematary cat and kid
are nonetheless the stuff of nightmares. 
I'm not entirely sure what's going on here with our
sorta steampunky, carnival Harley and Zatanna
cosplay.  But I like it.
The costuming crew Cosplay 10/6 is quickly
becoming one of my favorite groups.  A fantastic
Thor and an awesomely original Captain America.

Speaking of Thor...

Thor, Loki and their Asgardian designer bag.
Thor might be in for more than he can handle
with a daringly dressed Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. 

More Avengers, please

I don't think either needed convincing to cosplay
as Spidey and Black Cat.

"Don't tell Pepper!"
Double America!
(Also, unintentional shield ... eyes...)
Assassins.  They grow up so fast.  First, walking,
then driving, then making that first kill. 
A monochromatic Boba Fett (or simply  a more
stylish stormtrooper) is accompanied by a
bespectacled comrade.  Maybe glasses is
what would help stormtroopers shoot better!
I have a really bad feeling about this team up.  We are doomed!

Green Lantern having a blast. Wonder Woman
is all business!
Beetlejuice and Lydia. BTW, if you never saw this cartoon
growing up, i feel sorry for you.
A red-carpet-worthy Belle and Beast.

Always a great couple cosplay, Green Arrow
looks battle worn (with sensible boots), while
Black Canary is fit, inked and oh-so dangerous.
Like they walked off the page of a comic book...
Those sinister smiles lead me to believe that
Selina and Harley teamed up to steal that WW art.
Tall and lovely Hatsune Miku, and a
back-from-the-dead looking Crow so real,
I'm a little proud I didn't pee myself on the
convention floor.
Who said there's no style in Wonderland?
A sunny Kate Bishop and a very intense Winter Soldier.
This what usually what was on my TV on a late Sunday morning.
Channel 43.  Mechagodzilla and Mothra!

Having been part of a Calvin and Hobbes
couples costume myself, I have to concede,
they may have done it better!

OK, I lied.  Here they are: Batman and Robin. The greatest you'll ever see!

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