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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Costumes: We are GROUP!

   Another ComicCon down, another 5300 photos to sort through.  It was a fantastic year for the event though. The space had a more open feel and there were a lot of new faces and some of our favorite old ones.  
   So as we try to figure out if our constant old-man shuffling is a result of walking around for three days, or the result of some drunken injuries that none of us remember, here's the first gallery of photos from BCC2014.  The group photos.

Avengers Assemble.  Perhaps my favorite interpenetration is the  fresh-out-of-the-muscle-machine Steve Rogers
using the cab door as a shield.  

Agents of SHIELD A-List style. 

Well, this is awkward...

So many Buckys.  So many badass Buckys.

Some like their Justice Leagues a little Dark.

"Lady Gentlemen in Redddddd..."
Picture perfect DC costumes. 

OK, everyone! Strike your character's best-known pose!

The Fantastic ... Five. Thing, Torch, Mr. Fantastic and sometimes FF members
Crystal and She-Hulk.

I found my new picks for the next Marvel vs Street Fighter.
I especially like the green camo variant Punisher.

Hey, not all Guardians have a talking racoon.  Some have a bunny!

Too soon?  Unintentionally topical?  Nah.  But a great group cosplay
nonetheless.  Clever girl ...

Our favorite lantern cosplayers came back.  

Medieval Mario, Luigi and Toad.  Had to do something before
the invention of plumbing. 

Jack, Elizabeth Swan and ... is that Tia Dalma?  Well done.

This cosplay family caused pretty much all of us
to keep shouting "Saga!" over and over ....
Which reminds me.  Go buy Saga!  Right now.

There were even more member of the Suicide Squad (from costuming group Cosplay 10/6) walking around the convention floor.  This may have been the largest and most complete cosplay group ever.

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