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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Costumes: Solo style

In the last of our Baltimore Comic-Con costume galleries, we take a look at some seriously creative and well put together solo costumes.  Because sometimes, you've got to shine all on your own. 
Right out of the gate: an unsettlingly great
9 costume.

Aitch from Pop Culture Uncovered
pretty much IS Bishop

You don't see this kind of cosplay commitment anymore.  Sawed off
his own hand.  That is my assumption, at least.

A beast for fashion, that one.

And what is a shield, really, but a metal
parasol!  Love it.

This gorgeous costume is a little celtic,
a little shimmery and a lot of originality.

On the lookout for a Peter Griffin Han Solo.

"Nobody has wanted a picture of me until now."
Well, eff those people.  #ChuckBartowski4Lyfe!

Don't get to close to the recycle bin, Robocop.
Just sayin.

Axe Cop on Uni-Baby sitting duty.

I dislike Dazzler. (perhaps because
I cannot skate)
I do NOT, however, dislike this costume. 

An ass-kicking Doc Oc.

I've seen a lot of Flame princess costumes.
I've seen a lot of great Flame Princess costumes.
And then this happened...

Let's be real.  This is how the real FrankenBerry would
probably look.  Yeah .. thinking twice about getting
that second bowl now, aren't you.

"Sheeee's a Killer (Frost)!"
This is a friendly reminder to check out
Cosplay 10/6 on Facebook

No codpiece required.  A perfect and
sinister Gareth from our childhood favorite
Our friend Gina as The ass kicking Assasin
Aveline de Grandpre.

Daenerys has brought a dragon into a room full of
flammable paper.  This could end badly.

Maleficent. So evil. So charming.

"What kind of dad eats his daughter's fries, and
doesn't even look her in the eyes..."

Look at this photo and tell me who the *real*
ruler of the sea is. #notAquaman

It may look like paper, but I wouldn't risk
messing with a psychic blade.

I haven't the words.  If you saw the sheer amount of detail
in this costume, you'd be a little scared that the armor and
weapons actually worked.

I'm a fan of the aviator-styled Rogue and this costume captures that
spirit faithfully.

Michael bay be damned!  A classic Shredder!

Ugh.  she is so two-faced!  Right?!
(I am so ashamed of myself now...)

I never tire of a good movie
Black Widow.

Go ahead, you tell him there's no smoking
in the convention center, bub.

Because Zatanna likes to buy art, too.
Thanks to all the patient costumers who let us interrupt their free time at the convention to snap these pics.  We love what you do. 
Come back later this week for our Wonder Woman cosplay spotlight. 
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