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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wonder Woman of the Week: Wonder Women of Emerald City Comicon

   We have finally recovered from the trip back from Seattle and Emerald City ComicCon. It was great meeting all the vendors, artists and cosplayers.  This one keeps getting bigger and better each year; and much love to the ECCC planners for all but eliminating the wait to get in. 
   So, here is our first gallery from the convention.  We've been a bit behind in our Wonder Woman of the Week posts, so you get a whole stack of them all at once.  I was really happy to see so many Wonder Women at ECCC, especially so many different ones - even more than I managed to capture here: Steampunk, dieselpunk, Wonder Women from different continuities, eras and some that seemed to come out of the cosplayers' own imaginations. 
Never call an Amazon a hipster.  Intellectual, yes.
Hipster? No!
Punk Rock WW had both Bat-symbol and
Superman symbol "tattoos" on her arms.
Keep us guessing ... 
One doesn't have to choose between fashionable
and well-armored.  This stunning WW is both.
A tiara is suitable for all occasion!
Looks pretty much like Ant Lucia's
DC Bombshells Wonder Woman walked right off the
 page and into the convention center. 
Some Supermen have all the luck.
(Do we like him better blond?)
The added bonus of meeting this Wonder Woman
was that she worked for The Truffle Cottage!
Edible geeky goddies!


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