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Friday, April 4, 2014

Artist: Amanda Robinson

This friendly face belongs to artist Amanda Robinson.
Emerald City ComicCon is the largest pop culture convention I have been to so far, and it's definitely a struggle to find time to fit in everything I want to do.  After three years, I still kind of lose track of my plan.  That is especially the case when I'm on the floor in Artist Alley.  I have the attention span of your average Labrador puppy.  So after missing the entire row that Amanda's booth was on, I managed to stumble across it at the very end of the first day.  There, I saw a kickass Wonder Woman and Princess Leia -- which always baits me.  But then I saw a whole bunch of Disney Princesses and had to rush over.
Now, right about here I should probably take the time to explain that what made the princesses so cool was that Amanda had done them Roller-derby style, each one with a derby handle and an outfit that matched the character's theme.  I don't care how into Disney you are or aren't.  That crap is cool.
I'm now a huge fan of Amanda.  The shapes of her characters are sexy, but still convey strength and personality.  I'm a huge fan of minimalist character design and Amanda pulls it off in style, using brilliant colors and strong poses and expressions.  The end result is that even in a huge series, like her Derby Princesses, each character stands out unmistakably from the others.

Click to see bigger.  My favorite: Squid Vicious.

She did a Val Hallen from Dexter's Lab!
Now that's an artist I can instantly love. 

 Check out her Tumblr and her Deviantart page for more pop-culture, pinup and original characters.
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  1. This lady is not only a great artist, but she is a wonderful person as well, you can't help yourself with smiling when you are around Amanda with her bubbly laugh. She is an awesome aunt, daughter, sister and friend and the world needs to keep an eye on her career because this lady artist has only just begun...........