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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

April Alayne does everything ever!

When we visited with April Alayne at Baltimore Comic-Con, it became clear that she probably needed three or four booths, based on just how much she does and how good she is at it. 

One look at her website, you can see how much that really is.  Not just her pen or brush work on paper; she also creates classic-looking jewelry (often featuring her artwork in pendant form.)  She up-cycles clothing - particularly vintage-style dresses, she also creates adorable pillowcases, designs tattoos, and she's a photographer and cosmetologist.  (it's entirely possible I forgot about 30-40 other things she does)

It leads me to believe that someday she could be shooting photos of someone she did makeup for, who is wearing her designed clothing and jewelry, and sporting a tattoo she created...

Whether watercolor, acrylic, ink or ... I dunno ... mashed potatoes and hair clippings, her work makes a statement: classically beautiful, twisted and dark or gorgeously strange.    Her ink work is almost photo real.  OH RIGHT.  I almost forgot; she makes three-dimensional art using shed deer antlers.  Oh, and it's even cooler than it sounds.

What did I tell you?!
Slumber Jacks!
Well, of course I was going to find a Wonder Woman to
post here!  And it's a whole lot of awesome!

If octopus hairdos start to catch on, this will be why.
At the convention April was sweet and friendly with a great sense of humor.  Rosa got a sweet sea monster pendant.  If you're reading this while it's still holiday season, you may not have to shop anywhere else. 
I believe they are called Sea monstahs

Visit her Thread Over Heels Etsy, her art and jewelry Etsy and if you still have time, her Facebook

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