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Monday, September 30, 2013

Artists: Maria Danalakis

We're fans of pinup.  Scratch that. 
We're a little fanatical about pinup around here. 
It's fun when artists can combine pinup art with comic book and geek culture.  We've covered artists such as Erica Hesse and the 1800s burlesque pinup of Michael Dooney and we're big fans of Baltimore Comic-Con staple Paigey.
Maria Danalakis brings something fresh and cool to the genre.  (Is sexy and flirty also allowed to be cute?  Looks like it!)  She is a designer of children's wear and has an extensive gallery of greeting and birthday cards.  She takes that talent for clean, simple and playful design into her pop culture artwork as well.

"I memorized all of these books!"
 I got to her table late on the second day of the Baltimore Con, which was a big frickin' mistake!  But missing her would have been a bigger one.  There was a lot to take in, including pinups and alt looks of some of my favorite comic book characters.  I was trying to come to a decision when the PA system announced that I had been employing poor time-management skills and fifteen minutes to wrap it up, because there was still a T-shirt I needed to get.  I think that's what the lady literally said - it was an oddly specific PA message.
Luckily for me, among the merchandise was a sticker sheet (seriously, how cool is that?) of my favorite DC ladies - pinup style.  Easy decision.  And I came away much happier than I did from the T-shirt purchase. Now I have to figure out where to put my stickers ... I don't have a trapper-keeper anymore.
If you don't love 50s pinup cheerleader Supergirl,
I'm not sure I want to know you.
Check her out on Facebook.  And her Etsy shop.

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