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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Costumes: Baltimore ComicCon: Zatanna

It's been two weeks since Baltimore ComicCon and the one-year anniversary of our blog.  I started the summer with a small dose of writers block, but happily, we are back.

Until recently , I only had a loose understanding of who Zatanna was.  (magicial's assistant...? burlesque performer...?)  In fact, a year ago, walking around Baltimore ComicCon, I am not sure I could tell the difference between a Ms. Marvel, Black Canary or a Zatanna costume if it wasn't for the top hat.
Since then, I have scooped up and read a metric ton of DC comics, both old and new and am now aware that Ms. Z is one of the most powerful magicians in that universe, who can pretty much make anything happen magically - provided she can say the command backwards. (like some sort of magicians' field sobriety test.) 
Most recently, however, our top-hatted hero has made a habit of pissing me off as the one playable character in the superhero fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us whom I can not beat anyone with; yet anyone who plays her against me can shut me down in like 90 seconds.  And because she is voiced by Lacey Chabert, I can't help but think of Zatanna as a member of the cast of Mean Girls.
Zatanna, stop trying to make "fetch" happen.  It's not going to happen.

Cosplay character trends are a crazy thing.  A year ago, I saw at least a dozen each of Harley Quinns and Poison Ivys.  But this year, it was Zatanna who ruled the day.  let's have a look.

No jacket. 
Advantage: Full range of motion  when casting spells. 
Disadvantage: Chilly arms!
She's warmer now.  Love the tails! 
But what collar is this bow tie attached to?!

Zatanna has gone rogue, chilling with a pack of DC lady villains.
(and one of the coolest Riddlers ever)
Beautiful!  But when tempted to stare at a
magician's cleavage, remember that she can
turn you  into a frog! 
More villain chillin'.  This Z is hanging with a
steampunk Catwoman.

Power couple!
teprac neerg ylgu!

No top hat?  No bow tie!?  This Zatanna is terrib--
Ohhhh.  Yeah.  my bad.  I'm still not good at this.

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