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Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Fights: Good Morning Angels...

Our Friday Fight topic comes from Scott.  Here is the idea. You are Charlie. Put together your team of Angels. Choose anyone from all of geekdom. Pick three main angels. One back up angel, and maybe even a Bosley."  Bonus points for characters with a theme. Scott picks the winner. 
Pete: I feel that those of you unencumbered by geek fanboy lust will have much more practical teams than the inevitable guy who picks Slave outfit Leia three times
Scott: Well I guess Pete just gave away his team.  Bad Pete.   As much fun as my team of all Angelina Jolie characters would be, I'm definitely putting more effort/thought into my team. 

Pete: Scott, this makes me think of a team of all Slayers... 
Scott: Yeah I thought of a team of all Slayers too. Who didn't love Kendra? Though you know Faith is going to be a given for me, right?
Rosa: Wait, "Who didn't love Kendra?" Whether this was a sarcastic statement or not, I'm calling you on it. "Ya man, da ting aboout dat would be de confusion over wheder she be Jamaican or Irish." At the risk of this becoming more racist on my part, I will move on. 
Scott: My dear Rosa, who the hell cares what she sounds like? She looked fantastic! 
Rosa: I don't think Kendra ever looked that fantastic...and (spoiler alert!) she wasn't that great at fighting in the end.
Scott: Kendra was fine at fighting, just not so good against Drusilla's vampire voodoo.
Shaida: Kendra is just too sad to make fun of. Her purpose was to highlight Buffy's specialness, pave the way for Faith to arrive, and create some pathos by killing someone off in the days when Joss's career was unstable enough that he couldn't kill a main character. That said, such a sad, doomed character seems a poor choice for a sassy angel. A season 7 slayerette would be more appropriate. Better: doppelganger Buffy. Best: 80s slayer (principal wood's mom, who Spike kills on the subway).

Poor Kendra.  Hot, hot Kendra...

Pete: Arcee from Transformers counts, i hope. That's a lady, right there. 
Scott: And transportation! 
Pete: exactly
Stephanie:  My Bosley is DEFINITELY Bill Murray...any incarnation (except Caddyshack), although of course I'd prefer Steve Z. Do the angels have to be ladies? 
Scott: Yes. I'm stipulating now that the Angels must be chicks. But i'm opening up Bosley to be whatever gender suits you. 
 Rosa:  Lol...Stephanie wants Steve Zahn to be her Bosley. <insert Pete's Steve Zahn impression> 
Pete: "Holy Crayaap" ... no, that's my Owen Wilson... damnit. 
Stephanie:  Steve ZISSOU, not Zahn you guys. I was talking about Bill Murray characters...
Rosa:  I think Steve Zahn would be great in a Bill Murray biopic...
Pete: Does Steve Zissou count? I mean, i know movie hipst--"geeks" would say yes, but, if so then can I make my Bosley one of the guys from Sideways, then? Or ... how about The Dude!  
Stephanie:  Alright, fine. No Steve Zissou. Is Ghostbusters the only geeky Bill Murray we'll accept? 
Pete: Ghostbusters 2?
Jason: Come on guys!!! Lets get creative. My instant new team is team snark, Zoe (from Fan Boys), Elle Bishop (Heroes), and finally (in case you haven't gotten the theme) Veronica Mars. And just for fun my Bosley is Peter Bretter! I can do this all day... But i really like this team.
Stephanie: Jason, how about Britta, from Community for your Team Snark alternate?
Pete: ^No, J.  Not everyone got the theme...

Yeah, Jason.  What's your theme?
Tell us ...
I'll figure it out...

Jason: Hmmmm... Ok, for reals.  I will start with the obvious, Zoe from Firefly, Movie Black Widow and Faith (Angel version). Bosley would be Giles.
Stephanie: Jason, I like that you picked Zoe, but I think River would be MUCH more kick-ass, so River is first. Then, speaking of kick-ass, I'll take Chloe Moretz's Hit Girl. Last, but certainly not least, would be Echo from Dollhouse.  And speaking of Dollhouse, Fran Kranz would make an awesome Bosley... 
Pete: Ooh, I like the Joss-verse theme.
Stephanie:  In that case, I take River, Zoe and Echo, with Fran Kranz as Bosley. 
Pete: Damnit, Steph. coming out with the Dollhouse stuff. Was not expecting that. Echo is solid!
Mike:  My Whedon team: Buffy (BtVS), River (Firefly), Echo (Dollhouse). Back up Illyria/Blue Fred (Angel). Bosley: Moist (Dr. Horrible)
Joe: Faith, Willow, and Anya (with her powers). Kendra would be the backup angel, and Buffy can be Bosley, for a themed pick. 
 Pete: I wanted my brains Angel to be Fred from Angel. But she was severely lacking in the badass dept. Until she got her soul nom-nom-ed on by Illyria. 
 Rosa:  I also think Fran Kranz would be, let's say...an unhealthy Bosley. Mostly because of his neurotic tendencies, power plays, and--based on his Cabin in the Woods character--a huuuuuge stoner! That would be like making Shaggy your Bosley (Zoiks!). Or Steve Zahn...
 Pete: My Joss Team: One from each. Fred from Angel (brains), Buffy from Buffy (brawn), Zoe from Firefly (boss) and backup angel Maurissa Tancharoen (one of the "we do the weird stuff" groupies) from Dr. Horrible. Bosley is Boyd (Harry Lennix) from Dollhouse.

Stephanie: Harry Potter theme: Hermione, Luna and Ginny. McGongall is Bosley. 
Jason: Ooorrrr, i could do Ripley, Gwen Demarco, and the Director. My Bosley here would be Tech Sgt Chen (played as Monk). 
Scott: You know i'm going to end up with multiple teams. Here's my first run. I'm trying to stick with real flesh and blood characters, though I may make an all comic book team eventually. Faith, Sydney Bristow (Alias), Alice (Resident Evil moves, before she lost her TK powers), the backup is Nikita (that's the current Maggie Q version) and Bosley would be Jack Bauer from 24. 
Shane: I was thinking of Maggie Q and Sydney Bristow too. Back to the drawing board.
Stephanie: Scott, I like your team except for Jack Bauer. Ew.
Scott: Jack Bauer kicks ass, I dont want some tool that fumbles and jokes around. I want a guy that is able to back the Angels up when he's needed most.
"Who's laughing now!"

Stephanie: Nerdy theme: Hermione, Velma and Kavita Rao. Bosley is...Neville Longbottom. >>

Stephanie We should have all the teams in a bracket, and play them against each other. Last team standing wins. Since Scott is in charge, he says who wins each pairing, and why - completely arbirtrary and creative reasons, one would hope. 
Scott: My scifi space team would be Starbuck, Leeloo, Jadzia Dax, back up is Teyla from Stargate Atlantis and Bosley would be John Crichton. 
Pete: Leeloo!  Shit!
Shaida: Space: Leeloo, Ripley, Aeryn Sun. Special Powers: Bo (Lost Girl), River Song (Doctor Who), Willow.

Marcus:  Leader/brawn - Sigourney Weaver (Alien), Brains/sexy - Zoe Saldana (Uhura, Star Trek), Adorable/comedy relief - Felicia Day (The Guild), Bosley - Mike Nelson (MST3K), ALTERNATE ANGEL - Billie Piper (Doctor Who) (MY THEME....IS A COMPLETE LACK OF THEME.) 
Stephanie: Marcus - I love your team, but if I was going to pick a companion, it would be Clara instead of Rose!
Marcus: I originally wanted Sam Elliot as Bosley, but couldn't find a role geeky enough to qualify him.
Shaida: Now I'm thinking about actresses that play so many sci-fi/action characters that they could make up entire teams of angels (Lena Headey, Milla Jovovich, Kate Beckinsale). Lena's angels would be mostly evil (I'm thinking of Cersei and her character from Dredd), and Kate's would be hot but lame. Leeloo, Alice, and Ultraviolet, though, pretty awesome.
 Scott: Yes I thought of doing all one character with Angelina Jolie. Tomb Raider Chick. Salt chick. Wanted Chick. Mr and mrs smith chick. No clue on Bosley though.
Pete: Scott, we said Bosley could he her Hackers character.
Scott: Oh that's right! Good call.
Joe:  Or just Phoenix, Dark Phoenix, Jean Grey. The end! *cackle* 
"There's like eight more of us ..."

Emanuel:  T'Pol, Samus, and Power Girl--cuz you know, boob theme! Backup Angel would be #6. Bosley would be Michael Westen from Burn Notice. 

Shaida:  Animated: Turanga Leela, Lana Kane, and She-ra.
Pete: Leela! Shit!
Shaida: Video Game: Captain Shepard (Mass Effect, female version obvioisly), Chell (Portal), Big Sister (Bioshock, for a dose of terror from the angels). Warriors only: Xena, Brienne of Tarth, Sarah Walker (from Chuck, for smarts and fighting skills) 
Pete: These lists make me hate myself for not coming up with these.
Shaida: I unleashed my inner fanboy for you, Pete! 
Pete: it worked. Sarah Walker even?!  well done.
Rosa:  Shaida also took my animated theme idea! But my characters would be totally different: The Unicorn (from The Last Unicorn because...magic?), Sen (from Spirited Away because...also magic), and Penny (from Inspector Gadget--for obvious reasons). All three of these characters already have a male counterpart that helps them along the way, which is often totally unnecessary (except for Sen, because she's a child...and not a savvy child like Penny), so I'm going to pick a female Bosley and go with Malory Archer. 
Rosa: I like the Sarah Walker reference, Shaida, but I'm not sure how well she would fit in with the barbarian-esque Xena and Knighted Brienne. I see potential for comedy when Sarah tries to discuss modern things with them, but wouldn't someone like Red Sonja be a better fit (she banged Conan the Barbarian...that's boss)?
Pete: Rosa, how can you have a unicorn!?
Manny: Cuz, magic.  You have a car.
Pete: A lady car.

"I'm a killer!"
Rosa: ...wait. After giving it more thought, I'm axing Sen for being a screechy child and replacing her with Louise from Bob's Burgers. Brains, mischief, manipulation skills, and a sassy hat.
Scott:  From that craptastic Bob's Burgers cartoon? How exactly does that even fit anyways?
Rosa:  Louise is not just some character from Bob's Burgers--she's an incredibly sly, witty, and unpredictable. A "wildcard" if you will. Every team's gotta have a wild card. 
Shaida: I was actually considering Vasquez from Aliens, but I just really like Sarah Walker and would like to see her and Xena on the same team, quipping and kicking ass. I do feel bad for poor, hulky Brienne on that team, but maybe she and Xena would become "best friends" by the end. 

Shaida:  I was also thinking about Sarah Connor or Katniss, but I couldn't think of a whole team to put them on, so...up for grabs! 
Pete: Vasquez!  Shittt! 
Stephanie: Shaida, throw Katniss and Sarah Connor on a team with Michonne, and you can have a post-apocalypse-on-Earh team. Who would be Bosley in a post-apocolyptic world, tho?  Oh, I know!! Morpheus, if Matrix counts as post-apocalyptic... 
Pete: yes 
Shaida: Stephanie, I am kicking myself for not having a post-apocalypse team, and that's a great combo! For some reason, I'm stuck on Aunty Entity for the apocalypse angels' Bosley.
Marcus: Post Apoc. Bosley would be The Red Queen (Security program from Resident Evil) Pick any 3 angels from the movies as long as Ali Larter is one of them.

Joe: For a non-themed pick: Aeryn Sun (Farscape), Faith (Buffy), and Psylocke.

Scott: Then there is my mostly old school team. Jaime Sommers, the original bionic woman. Colonel Wilma Deering from Buck Rogers. Dee Dee McCall from Hunter(seriously how many times did she get raped or shot on that show?). Sarah Conners for backup and MacGuyver for Bosley. 
Scott: Also keep in mind I'm judging this. Know your audience. So far Rosa is losing horribly. 

Pete: DC Comics team, Wonder Woman (brawn and beauty) Power Girl (brawn and ... busty...), Catwoman (The wild card), Extra: Zatanna (as Rosa said, cuz magic and stuff) and Bosley would be the Oracle (batgirl), because she is a genuis/hacker extraordinare! 

Pete: Marvel Team: She Hulk (pow pow!), Rescue (pew pew), Black Widow (wiggle wiggle) Alternate would be Dazzler (to suck up to Scott) and Bosley: Kitty Pride (meow, meow) 
Shaida:  Scott, I like it, but you can't declare yourself the winner, right? 
Scott: Damn, didn't I say in the first post that I'd already won? 
Rosa:  I have to go with my heart, Scott. My picks are my team in my universe, and I can't bring myself to be a suck-up just for approval. *coughJoecough* 
Pete: Weekday Afternoon 80s Team: Steelheart from the Silverhawks (brawn), Cheetara from Thundercats (speed), Scarlett from GI Joe (whoopassery) and alternate/vehicle Arcee from Transformers. Bosley would be April O'Neal from the Ninja Turtles. 
Shaida:  Well, if the winner is predetermined, then I can stop stealing Pete's ideas just to mess with him. 
Rosa:  Drag edition: Patrick Swayze (To Wong Fu) because he can fight AND dance, Hugo Weaving (Priscilla, Queen of the Desert) because anyone who can survive in Australia is clearly a badass (also--elf magic!), and Dustin Hoffman (Tootsie) for his Rainman smarts. Julie Andrews (Victor/Victoria) is naturally Bosley in this scenario. 

Pete: My ultimate team would simply annoy the enemy to death. And would consist of Jubilee, Rhianna's character in Battleship, Carol from Walking Dead and a screaming Dakota Fanning from the War of the Worlds Movie as an alternate/movie ruiner and Bosley will be Anakin Sywalker. 
Shane:  Mutant team: Charles Xavier as Charlie, Puck (alpha flight) as Bosley, Stepford cuckoos as the angels.
Scott: But Puck isnt a mutant! 
Marcus:  Futurama Team. Bosley - Bender, Leader/brawn - Crushinator, Brains/sexy - Angleen, Adorable/comedy relief - Planet Express Ship (with the female cpu), Alternate - The Suicide Booth.` 
Pete: ... 
Scott: ...
Joe: ... 
Marcus:  WHAT?!?!? Was it the Crushinator? I like a full figured robot. Don't judge me! 
"i don't think you're ready for this jelly!"

Pete: Thanks to Shane and Scott, i just researched Puck.  I'll never get those minutes back. He's like a human gummy bear.
Scott: Yeah Puck has never been on my top ten list for anything. He isnt even worth being on the top 10 disliked characters list. Though Jubliee is!
Shane:  I've always had a thing for Alpha Flight and I think this brash dwarf paired with three kickass crime fighting female skullkickers is great juxtaposition.
Stephanie:  I've always had a thing for Shane Bowler. And I put Pete: on my annoying list. And Scott's not on my top ten for anything...
Scott: huh. well ok then. 
Pete: Stephanie ... i think your teams lost.

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