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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Costumes: Bravery

I've been doing this blog for several months now, and because of it, I've been able to chat with and follow the feeds of a lot of the cosplayers we encountered at Baltimore's Comic-Con. 
Psylocke Cosplay Tip #1  It helps to have a badass staredown.
"Take the picture already or get cut!"
They are genuinely cool people.  Enthusiastic people, about comics and pop culture.  Maybe not as obsessively as some people would like, but then I don't see those "some people" spending hours, days and weeks on costumes and then rocking them out for all to see.
Cosplayers are at the convention to shop, meet friends and nerd out like the rest of us - all while stopping to pose every 30 seconds for people like me. 
Hey, pretty much our entire blog family goes all out for Halloween when it comes to costumes, but nearly all of us also chicken out when it's time to dress up any other time of year.  In other words, it takes more than a little courage to cosplay your favorite superhero.  And it takes even more if your particular favorite character just happens to have one of the skimpiest costumes this side of Gold Bikini Princess Leia.  Psylocke is not a cosplay for the faint of heart.  The two we saw in September did the costume justice in attention to detail, attitude and physique.  We tried not to stare.

Tip #2  Pick a fight with the big guy.  Earn some respect.

Tip #3.  Bring backup.  Hand ninjas are useful.
And just for good measure, the above Psylocke (Kris Lee) showed up the day before looking a lot (exactly) like Elektra.  Hand ninja (Joepool) still closeby.   (see more of them)
In comparison, this costume is like a winter coat.

Buying leotards in bulk!

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