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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Friday Fights: Xmen Leftovers

Geeks are no strangers to wild tangents in our conversations.  It's something of  hallmark really.
A couple that broke out of our FMK X-Men conversation include the question of what happens to all those dead bodies in the X-universe and the waste of 90s animation cells known as Morph.

You take that back!
If you missed the FMK X-Men edition of Friday Fights.  I'd start there first.

 Manny: Are we going to hold services for Miss Jubilation Lee?
Jason: No. Dump the body in the Hudson and move on.
Manny: Ouch.
Scott:  She's a vampire now. She'll be dust. Just get the creepy dyson guy to vacuum her up.
 Rosa: Rogue probably cooks them all up in a nice casserole, and then Beast gets to gnaw on the bones.
Jason:  Or bury it in the mansion lawn if you want, I guess.  Actually that makes me wonder how many bodies and people/mutant pieces are scattered in that lawn... it's gotta be a CSI super-storm of evidence!
Manny: Well, technically if we're using the Xmen movie continuity, there aren't any bodies fertilizing the Mansion's lawn. Xavier and Scott's caskets are empty since everyone got disintegrated.
Jason: If you follow the comics that lawn is worse than the desert outside of Vegas. It's really lush for a reason.
Rosa:  Okay...I have several editions of final answers. ... Cartoon: F Wolverine, M Gambit, K Morph--that guy was a basket case!
Pete: Morph. Poor Morph.
Manny:  Morph done came out of left field...
Jason: Morph was created and existed in ONE episode of the Cartoon. F-Morph!
Rosa:  No...I will not F Morph...but I am happy that he was K'd.
Jason: Right. He is basically a plant to make you think there is a chance other characters could die... they don't.
Pete: And just like a comic book, he comes back to life anyways!
Manny: Actually, Morph has been around since the 60s.  He was technically the first X-Man to die in action.
Scott: Except that he was a member of the exiles for three different series. You're thinking of Changeling who sorta is but sorta isn't the same person as Morph depending on the universe.  Uhm Rosa, i'm a ginger. What're you trying to say here.
Manny:  Scott, is it true that ginger-ism is passed along via a bite?
Scott: I would still like to point out that not all gingers are evil! I'm certainly an angel (ignore the threesome comment from earlier)
 Rosa:  Scott: "I'm certainly an angel (ignore the threesome comment earlier)"...I somehow feel this is a reference for wanting to have a threesome with Angel (again, the X-man, not the sexy vampire).
Pete: More blue skin...
Scott: He isn't blue anymore, so he's fair game in my book.
Cool outfit.  Great chin!  I have a lot going for me.
Pete: Speaking of blue, for all intents, Morph should have been as cool as Mystique. Instead he was as jittery as the cop who knows he's gonna die in the action movie.
Rosa: "I got one more day 'til retirement!"
Manny: "Getting too old for this sh*t!"
Jason: They both served the same lame purpose, to make you feel like the hero could die... like Wolverine did when he had all the metal ripped out of... wait no. Or how Professor X did when his son Gabriel went back in time and accidentally killed him permanently altering the comic time line into an alternate... no wait... you get the point. He's the only one who ever STAYED dead. That's his claim to fame.
Manny:  He must've flashed around pictures of his kids or pregnant wife too, Rosa. All hallmarks of the poor sucker that won't survive.
Pete: "Officer Morph, we need you to just drive the witness to the safehouse."
Manny: That statement only applies if Officer Morph isn't being played by Bruce Willis.
Jason: We all know that Cable is the Bruce Willis of the x-verse.
Manny: I've always liked Cable. Forge too.
Scott: Why couldn't we have a conversation like this about Big Bang Theory...?
Rosa: What...one "discussion" on BBT isn't enough for you?
Scott: Don't anger the ginger!

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