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Friday, November 23, 2012

Costumes: NC Comic-Con pt.1

Last weekend, (Nov 18) Manny hit NC Comic-Con in Durham.  It's certainly not the biggest convention ever, but it drew a huge crowd.  Manny braved those crowds, while we started Thanksgiving early.  Some images from the event.
"I'm gonna go as Iron Man."
"Don't you mean-"
"I'm gonna go. As Iron Man!"
Seriously, that costume is so good, it's possible she flew to the Con.

Painstakingly well-done movie Nightcrawler.
I prefer my Joker and Harley a little bit creepy.  So hooray for my lack of sleep.
And after Adventure Time.  Seriosuly, what the hell happened?
Before Adventure Time

Puns rule!
Aaaaah!  Creepy!

AAAAGGGH!  Much creepier!

There we go. Some cuteness to balance it out.
More cuteness.  and ... is that kid ... Gus from Psych?  Best costume of the day!

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