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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tips: #1 Go both days

The first year we went to Comic-Con, myself, Rosa and Scott, I am not sure we knew what to expect at all.  Maybe check out some people in costumes and walk by a bunch of comic books for sale and try to avoid standing for two hours in a  line to meet Stan Lee or something. 
"Scott's been to conventions before," I thought to myself.  "If it was anything more than that, I'm sure he'd say something..."
And it's for that reason that we figured we would be all wrapped up in a couple of hours and ready to go home. We sure as hell weren't going to waste twice the money and go two days.  Two days: that's a hell of a lot of nerding out!
Yeah, and as it turns out, it's also the correct amount of nerding out.  That, and Scott is a jerk. 
First, the crowd.  It's insane.  >>
Insane in a good way.  Not a pushy, grumpy crowd of  amusement park patrons on 100-degree heat or a herd of screeching psychopaths at a Black Friday sale, just a tightly packed love mosh of geeks in geek mecca. 
Also, as I'm sure I will expand on later, there is a hell of a lot more to Comic-Con than what I previously thought.  Yes, there's comic books for sale, but most people aren't there for them, so far as I can determine.  And why would they be?  This isn't some traveling show of rare and unique items.  Comic books are readily available at stores and online vendors.  This slow moving tide of geekery did not come all the way out for ten garage sale's worth of comic books.  They came to get their likenesses sketched as cats in Iron man suits.  they came for the 3500 different Princess Leia pinup pieces and a stack of T-shirts so big, it literally has four walls and you could live comfortably inside it. It's a carnival of pop-culture and every fun childhood memory dusted off and polished and seductively sold back to you now that you have grow up money.  That first year we spent one day and forever wondered what we missed out on seeing.
At least until the next year.  when we got the two-day tickets.

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  1. Use the first day to get commissions and to scope out the art that you want. Wait until the last hour of the last day to buy the art that you scoped out on the first day because you can go all Ferengi and haggle the prices down!