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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Artists: Blue Milk Special

Rod Hannah (left) and Leanne Hannah are the husband and wife team behind Blue Milk Special.
If you're a Star Wars fanatic, of course you have heard of them.  Right?  ... Right?!
What is wrong with you?  Get there, right now.
What's unique to BMS is that they are a webcomic that parodies the Original Trilogy one scene at a time. 
Meaning?  You're following the movie in order, scene by scene.  And because it's been running for over three years now, there's a lot to follow.  Which also means that you can waste hours at work for weeks before moving back to Cracked.com posts.

"But I've seen every Star Wars parody there ever was," you say.  I'll admit the parodies on Family Guy and Robot Chicken (and even other places not affiliated with anyone named Seth) can leave you feeling like there's no new jokes to be made.
"It's a trap!  Get it?  Get it!?  It's a trap!"
"Yeah dude."
But you'd be wrong.  Because they've been running so long, it also means that they can do a lot with the characters.  Princess Leia is not herself so much as she is the embodiment of Carrie Fisher, which it turns out is wickedly funny.  Darth Vader is something of a Trekkie and even the most fringe characters in the Star Wars universe have been given a second life.  Whether you love Star Wars a little, a lot, or waaaay too much, there's something for you.  
Beru ... I always knew...
They do the strip and the Conventions on their own dime and still do their own original stuff and work on projects like Whatever Happened to Baron Von Shock? for Rob Zombie and Image Comics.  I'm not sure when they find time to breathe.  You can check out Leanne's work here


  1. Thanks for letting a brother know about this comic.....BACK when you first started reading it! Always be holding out man!

  2. Always with the complaints, Manny.