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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Friday Fights: Road Trip!

For some unknown reason -I recently found myself Youtubing the video for Alanis Morissette's Ironic. (I do that from time to time.)
It reminded me of the great ro
ad trips from my past (though none of those trips have been with three alternate versions of myself).  Four people, though, is just about the perfect road trip number. Any more and it gets crowded, any less and someone ends up being the person in the back seat leaning forward asking, "What are we talking about?" over and over.
So our Friday Fights question: What three characters from geek pop culture would you do a "road trip" with and where to? Bonus question: What will you be riding in?

Joe: Solid Snake, Mega Man, and Samus Aran, for starters. I'm not sure where to, though. 
Pete: I always have to Google Joe's answers, though i suspect that's because I need to play more video games. 
Ann Marie: I'd travel in the TARDIS. I mean, it's bigger on the inside. Four people is a great number, but four people in a cramped car? NO WAY. 
Rosa: I don't think it would be a bad idea to have Iceman (the comic book character, not the Top Gun character) and the Human Torch in the back seat in order to optimize climate control. 
Manny: Rolling with Tony Stark, Riker, and Kirk to Risa in Fett's vette! 
Pete: Boo.  That sounds absolutely terrible.  Listening to them one-up each other's lady conquests for hours on end. 
Rosa: Can I just fill the car with Tribbles? That sounds super comfy.. 
Joe: Don't even talk to me about Tribbles right now. They ate ALL my Ketracel White last night. ALL. OF. IT. 
I wish I got this...

Manny: Joe, you should've given them the poisoned quadrotriticale 
Pete: Is this video game talk? 
Ann Marie: I'd have to travel with Kaylee (from Firefly...who else will know how to fix everything when we break down?), Al (from Quantum Leap), but only if he is the hologram version and can provide us with funny, yet helpful banter), and R2D2 because he always saves the day!
Pete: Crap, i am having a hard time coming up with better ones than these. 
Joe: Damn, I think I may need to trade out Mega Man for R2D2. 
Pete: Speaking of Firefly, I would bring Jayne along. One always needs a wild card. 
Ann Marie: I was considering Jayne, but he would definitely be the one to hog the radio.
"Turn back to that Ke$ha song.  That chick can party!"
Joe: I would really enjoy a road trip with Jean Grey, Solid Snake, and R2D2 in the Tardis, because the Tardis translates and I really think R2D2's sassy banter would just make the trip. 
Pete: All I do know, is I will be riding in the Millennium Falcon. So roomy and I can play battle chess with Chewie. 
Manny: Make sure to let the wookie win...  
Ann Marie: Pete, you'll need a travel version of Battle Chess. One of the ones that come in the little plastic containers & all of the pieces fall out and get stuck in between the seats. 
Pete: Ah, like our travel connect four we had as kids. It was really easy to beat my brother at connect four when he only had three red discs and i had 15 black ones. 
Ann Marie: Tony Stark would be a good one, but would it be before his Iron Man transformation? That just seems like a lot to fit into a car. 
Pete:  I could add Optimus Prime to the list, but would it be weird to travel IN your road trip companion? 
Pete: What about Jayne from Firefly and Casey from Chuck. i wonder if they'd get along... 
Ann Marie: Pete - Would that count as one or two people? 
Pete: Two.
Rosa: So, if you were traveling with/in Turbo Teen...does that count as one of your companions, or do you still get to take three other people? 
Manny: I think Pete may have covered that when he brought up Optimus Prime. 
Pete: i think it would be fun to travel with/in Turbo Teen, but then leave him out of all the conversations.
"Hey, guys, did anyone watch New Girl last night? ..."
"Maybe you should just keep your eyes on the road, Turbo Teen."
"My name's Brett, you guys-"
"Eyes! Road!"
"Get in, guys!"

Rosa: I think Jean Grey would be terrible to go on a car ride with.
"I spy with my little eye someth--"
"--a palm tree."
"Damnit, Jean!" 

Pete: Cyclops and Jean Grey having one of those weird, hushed-tones couple fights in the back of the car, the whole way... 
Rosa: With Wolverine in the front seat egging them on? This sounds awesome.   I'm having a hard time thinking of people it would be fun to go on a road trip with...as a kid I did lots of cross-country road trips with my family, and mostly I keep thinking about people that would be the WORST to be stuck in a car with for hours and hours as you stared at the flat Nebraska landscape.
Anyone from space travel-related pop culture would just go on and on about how much cooler it was when they were in their space ship, anyone from a cartoon would likely burst into song over and over again, and anyone I picked for their specialized ability would probably get boring after driving through 3 states ("Great, Storm...you destroyed another trailer park with a tornado...that's super exciting for the 18th time..."). I think I need to change my perspective and think of some awesome villains that it would be fun to road trip Bonnie and Clyde-style across the country... 
Jason: I would have to travel with Kirk (the new one or the original young one), Indiana Jones (or Han), and Mal . No real skills needed except drinking, fighting, and getting away with it all at the end. And I would have to travel in the Falcon... iconic childhood dream... and it sits more than my 2 door monte carlo.  Plus I feel like this band of swashbucklers would lead to a variety of adventures. 
Manny: Swing by and pick a brother up Jason! 
Jason: Emanuel, lets just include Barf, use the Winnebago, and bump this foursome to a sixsome!!! Done!!! 
Manny: ROAD TRIP! 
Rosa: Forget the Falcon...traveling on Falcor would be way cooler! Fast enough to escape The Nothing; able to travel underwater; friends with a tiny, creepy old couple; and best of all--always down for terrorizing children on the streets of Toronto! 
Jason: But he requires a bath, and I don't know if a car wash would accept him... I can hear it now, "No, I'm sorry sir, your giant dog can't use our wa... hey, put down the whip, No, hey!!! NOOOO!" The rest of this is Kirk hitting on the girl behind the counter while Mal inspires the workers into a rebellion... Amazing actually. Also imagine if he gets wet, then you're riding along on wet dog smell (not to mention wet dog). I think I'll take a metal carriage. 
Rosa: There's really no way of knowing whether Falcor smelled or not--Atreyu certainly didn't ever mention it...and based on his shiny hair I would say Atreyu was probably keen on cleanliness. Besides--Falcor was a dragon, not a dog. And thanks to the creepy old lady, he's up on his shots. 
Dave Perillo

Jason: Everyone would still just make dog jokes and eventually he would get so angry that he would not frighten anyone, just kill... and no one wants to deal with a raging Falcor... just saying.
Ann Marie: Logistics question: How many miles per gallon (and hours per gallon, I guess, since it can travel time too) does the TARDIS get? I realized that I chose people for my road trip that don't really have a lot of money (except Al, but he's a hologram, so what good does that do?). Damn reality of traveling with sci-fi characters!
Pete: The problem I have with Falcor, Rosa, is that 1. even if her were to fit into an Arby's drive thru (our go-to choice of road trip fast food) once you're back on his back, those curly fries are going to get blown off. I forgot #2

Rosa: ...not with how quickly I eat them... 
Ann Marie: Losing curly fries can kill any road trip faster than it took Shane to hook up with "widow" Lori in the Walking Dead. 
Joe: Um, losing curly fries is not an option. I dropped a box of them out of my Jeep one time, and I pulled over and went back and got them fuckers. There will BE no road trip until every curly fry has been recovered. 
Joe: Sidenote: Even with microparticles of gravel embedded in them, it really makes no difference to the flavor. 
Pete: what about Falcor Fur... 
Manny: That's saying a lot then Joe. 
Joe: Ain't it? 
Manny: Feel free to have mine. 
Joe: We'll be bestest friends forevers now. 
 Pete: I am traveling with Pizza The Hutt. I'm not saying he will be arriving with us. Just that he's coming along ... omnomnomnom

Rosa: Okay--back to my car full of villains. I'm gonna go way outside my comfort zone and say the first passenger should be Pennywise the Clown from It. I'm terrified of clowns and of Pennywise in particular, but how awesome would it be if he was making that awful scary face at kids in passing cars. Plus: balloons (I *know* they're full of blood. Hush!)! Next passenger: Baron Harkonnen from Dune (he has to sit in the backseat!). He's all gross and pus-filled, but he has access to The Spice, which is super helpful for getting places faster (definitely opening up a wormhole so I don't have to actually pass through Iowa). Final passenger: Spike from Buffy (there will be tinted windows). He's a little borderline when it comes to villainy (after the chip in his head anyways), but I think he would do a really good job at managing the radio. Plus--most of these passengers would be plotting against each other so they wouldn't have time to eat you/plot against you the driver. Downside--you probably have to be the driver the whole trip so that you don't get eaten. 
Pete: I am starting to see the wisdom in having a road trip with supervillains, imagine how easy traffic would be if you had magneto in the front seat. 
Jason: Im sticking with my band of merry hooligans. Kirk, Indy, and Mal. And Emanuel for good measure . 
Manny: ROAD TRIP! 
Pete: I am switching my vehicle to the Flight of the Navigator spaceship. 
Scott: Sorry life has kept me otherwise pre-occupied lately. I'd be hanging out with gay Colossus from the Ultimate X-men comics who in reality would look like the guy that played Colossus in the movies. I don't think I need to explain that any further. We'd be driving in the Transformer Tracks. First of all he's a corvette that can transform his back wheels into wings turning him into a hybrid corvette jet plane thingy, and he's not gay!  Shut up Pete.
Pete: *says nothing*
Scott:  And the final person on the trip would be Helo from BSG, who would also have a Raptor with him. So multiple modes of transportation, and lots of clothing optional moments. Yay. 

"I am not gay, sir.  I am just fabulous!"
Joe: Helo and Colossus.... I hate you! 
Scott: Yes, someone is going to be walking funny for awhile. Not saying who.... Just someone....
Rosa: Ewww
Pete: Tracks?  Is that who?
Scott:  yes, Pete.  Tracks. 
Christina: My road trip is not just a leisurely drive, but instead a journey through post apocalyptic - takeover. I think we'd make a kick ass zombie/resistance fightin team! Not sure if these all count as geek pop culture icons buuuuut -- Julie from V - for her loyalty and medical skills, Buffy (Kristy Swanson) - to get her inside take on killing zombies in a very acrobatic manner (in the event we encounter Cirque de so Zombay -- I mean you never know ... Warm Bodies right?), and Daryl - for his experience in survival and killing zombies front line style, and because he just kicks ass. My runner up is Khaleesi - just cause. Dragons on board? (I think I just came up w/ a new bumper sticker I want). Although I sense drama between her and Buffy. Hmmm. We'd be in a truck btw - a big black one.
Pete: "You can get yours in a six four ..."
Scott:  I have issues with Kristy Swanson Buffy. If you want a kick ass zombie slaying team you're going to want Sarah Michelle Gellar Buffy, or even better yet you want Faith. Daryl and Faith talk about a "I don't give a fuck kill anything that moves" kick ass duo. 
Jason: And your whole party will have to wait for them to finish their "alone time" at every rest stop and abandoned gas station in existence cause I feel that the Daryl/Faith combo will result in a lot intimate time between them... Alot... And then what do you do when Daryl (who is a loner) finds Faith (who was kinda crazy/violent) clingy, or she wonders why Daryl is helping you or Julie and gets mad/violent... Yeah, no thanks.
Christina:  I'd rather that then have wet blanket Carol lurking around. 
Manny:  Faith would definitely get my curly fries if she wanted them.

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